Full Time Study

Full Time Study
Our Day School Programme is presently under review. Students who presently want to become full time will attend evening classes four nights per week studying for two examinations at a time. Bank financing is available for qualified students.


Year 1

Diploma in Accounting and Business:

FAB Accountant in Business FMA Management Accounting FFA Financial Accounting

IT Skills:

MCAS Word MCAS Excel QuickBooks Certified User

Specialist Certificates:

FAU Foundations in Audit FFM Foundations in Financial Management FTX Foundations in Taxation

Year 2

Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business:

F4 Corporate and Business Law F5 Performance Management F6 Taxation (UK) F7 Financial Reporting (International) F8 Audit and Assurance (International) F9 Financial Management

Year 3


P1 Governance Risk & Ethics P2 Corporate Reporting (International P3 Business Analysis P4 Advanced Financial Management P5 Advanced Performance Management P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance